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MSM Events Team

MSM Events Team




As an MSM Events Team leader, you are committed to serving middle school students (grades 6-8) as we preach the Gospel, create intentional community, and provide a fun, welcoming environment. The MSM community is a safe place for middle schoolers to feel seen and heard, to make friends with fellow believers, and to experience Christ’s personal love for them. If this sounds compelling to you, let’s chat! MSM has monthly community events (things like bowling nights, Late Nighters, and mission days) during the school year, as well as camp, mission trip, and winter retreat.

Desired Skills

We are looking for people who are passionate about Jesus and want to see students encounter the Gospel. Patience and flexibility go a long way in this volunteer role! We want you to have fun while you engage with the students in exciting ways.

Time Commitment

Events Team volunteers are expected to attend majority of the MSM events in one calendar year. This includes monthly community events and summer events. Time frame for each event varies widely.

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