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UALC Church Council

Congregational Meetings

Fall 2022 Congregational Meeting and Town Halls

A Congregational Meeting and Town Hall were held September 25, and a second Town Hall was held on Sept. 28. Church Council and Pastor Steve shared reports and members approved the annual budget. 

The 2022- 2023 annual budget report can be accessed below.

Upcoming Congregational Meeting:

2023 Spring meeting: Sunday, April 23, at the Mill Run Campus. There will be a vote on nominees for Church Council and Nominating Committee along with a Senior Pastor report.

Current Council Officers and Members

The following are the current officers and members of our church council and the end of their three year term (if applicable)

  • Elizabeth Seely – Chair (term expires 2024)

  • Steve Mellum – Vice Chair (term expires 2025)

  • David Jakes – Past Chair (term expires 2023)

  • Lee Anne Otto, Secretary

  • Bob Apel (term expires 2024)

  • Becky D’Onofrio (term expires 2024)

  • Jen Geistfeld (term expires 2023)

  • Roy Gilliam (term expires 2025)

  • Dan Overmyer (term expires 2025)

  • Elaine Pierce (term expires 2024)

  • Bill Rowland (term expires 2023)

  • Marcie Seidel (term expires 2025)

  • Erin Sutter (term expires 2023)

  • Steve Turnbull, Senior Pastor

Council year runs from July 1 through June 30 each year.

Council Meetings

The Council Business meeting is open to the congregation. It takes place on the third Tuesday of the month. Please refer to the UALC Calendar to confirm specific dates and locations.

Spring 2022 - Senior Pastor Report

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