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UALC Church Council

Congregational Meeting

Spring Congregational Meeting:

April 23 at the Mill Run Campus, we voted on nominees for Church Council and Nominating Committee and heard a Senior Pastor report. Look below for the new Council and Nominating Committee members. 

Elected Leaders

Church Council:

Kristen Henry

Position: Council

Term: 3 Years

Years Attending UALC: 18

Campus: Mill Run

Spouse: Erik Henry • Children: Adam

My Prayer for UALC: That we would remain unified in our focus on God, His Word, and His Truth as we build up each generation of the UALC family.

I’d like you to know this about me: My family and I have been involved with several UALC ministries, including Awana, Kids Church, HARP/SE Ohio, and Festa. I am an attorney and the executive director of a non-profit serving adults with developmental disabilities.

Lisa Igel

Position: Council

Term: 2 Years

Years Attending UALC: 30

Campus: Mill Run

Spouse: Martin Igel • Children: Maggie (Igel) Heath, Bonnie Igel

My Prayer for UALC: In this increasingly anxious world, my prayer for UALC is for us to be a haven and sanctuary of God's peace and love to all who walk through our doors.

I’d like you to know this about me: I love our church so much and I am excited to listen and pray for God's wisdom and guidance as I serve in this role.

Terry L. Gustafson

Position: Council

Term: 3 Years

Years Attending UALC: 11

Campus: Mill Run

Spouse: Mary L. Gustafson • Children: Kara A. Hughes; Hannah M. Gustafson

My Prayer for UALC: I pray that every member of the congregation would experience God’s peace in the midst of joy or suffering, in poverty or abundance, and in community or contemplation.

I'd like you to know this about me: I became a Christian in college, through InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, and continued my involvement in IVCF’s undergraduate, graduate, and faculty ministries as a faculty member.

Lindsay Notwell

Position: Council

Term: 3 Years

Years Attending UALC: 10

Campus: Lytham Road

Spouse: Mary • Children: Jim, Alex

My Prayer for UALC: I pray that we continue to live true to God’s Word and share the Gospel with a variety of unchurched people near, far, and wide.

I’d like you to know this about me: I am a life-long Lutheran, who with my wife and two young sons moved from Michigan to Columbus in 1992. We love UALC and the Lytham community!

Roy Gilliam

Position: Council Vice Chair

Term: 3 Years

Years Attending UALC: ~36

Campus: Mill Run

Spouse: Angie • Children: Maggie, Ethan (son-in-law), Hannah, Kelvin, Esther

My Prayer for UALC: That we, as a church body, would continually seek the Lord by mediating on His word. (Psalm 1)

I’d like you to know this about me: Angie brought me to UALC League in 1985 and made it possible for me to get to know who this Jesus person is and I am (quite literally) eternally grateful.

Nominating Committee:

Jack McClintock

Nominating Committee

Term: 2 Years

Years at UALC: 23

Campus: Mill Run

Spouse: Taylor • Children: Thomas

My Prayer for UALC: Help us to walk humbly, act justly, and love mercy, as we continually learn how to demonstrate our oneness with Jesus to the watching world.

I’d like you to know this about me: My personal mission is to be a part of opportunities to help inspire and equip meaningful relationships.

Jane Bruns

Nominating Committee

Term: 2 Years

Years at UALC: 58

Campus: Both

Spouse: Steve • Children: Aaron, Amber, Austin, Mark, MaeLing

My Prayer for UALC: May the God of hope fill us with joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit we may overflow with hope and tell of His works.

I’d like you to know this about me: UALC is my family. I’m all-in for the long haul, glad for God’s people here now and looking forward to the spiritual grandchildren who are on the horizon.

Current Council Officers and Members

The following are the current officers and members of our church council and the end of their three year term (if applicable)

  • Elizabeth Seely – Chair (term expires 2024)

  • Steve Mellum – Vice Chair (term expires 2025)

  • David Jakes – Past Chair (term expires 2023)

  • Lee Anne Otto, Secretary

  • Bob Apel (term expires 2024)

  • Becky D’Onofrio (term expires 2024)

  • Jen Geistfeld (term expires 2023)

  • Roy Gilliam (term expires 2025)

  • Dan Overmyer (term expires 2025)

  • Elaine Pierce (term expires 2024)

  • Bill Rowland (term expires 2023)

  • Marcie Seidel (term expires 2025)

  • Erin Sutter (term expires 2023)

  • Steve Turnbull, Senior Pastor

Council year runs from July 1 through June 30 each year.

Council Meetings

The Council Business meeting is open to the congregation. It takes place on the third Tuesday of the month. Please refer to the UALC Calendar to confirm specific dates and locations.

Fall 2022 - Congregational Meeting

Congregational Meeting and Town Halls

A Congregational Meeting and Town Hall were held September 25, and a second Town Hall was held on Sept. 28. Church Council and Pastor Steve shared reports and members approved the annual budget. 

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