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UALC Church Council

Congregational Meetings

Upcoming Meeting:

Spring Congregational Meeting

Our next meeting will be April 28, 2024, 12:30 pm at the Mill Run Campus. We'll vote on the slate of nominees for Church Council and Nominating Committee along with hearing a report from Pastor Steve and Church Council.

A light lunch will be provided.

Questions? Email

Current Council Officers and Members

The following are the current officers and members of our church council and the end of their three year term (if applicable):

  • Steve Mellum, Chair (Term ends 06/2025)

  • Roy Gilliam, Vice Chair (Term ends 06/2026)

  • Elizabeth Seely, Past Chair (Term ends 06/2024)

  • Bob Apel (Term ends 06/2024)

  • Becky D’Onofrio (Term ends 06/2024)

  • Terry Gustafson (Term ends 06/2026)

  • Kristen Henry (Term ends 06/2026)

  • Lisa Igel (Term ends 06/2025)

  • Lindsay Notwell (Term ends 06/2026)

  • Dan Overmyer (Term ends 06/2025)

  • Elaine Pierce (Term ends 06/2024)

  • Marcie Seidel (Term ends 06/2025)

  • *Pastor Steve Turnbull, Senior Pastor

  • *Aaron Thompson, Executive Minister

  • *Lee Anne Otto, Secretary

Council year runs from July 1 through June 30 each year.

Council Meetings

The Council Business meeting is open to the congregation. It takes place on the third Tuesday of the month. Please refer to the UALC Calendar to confirm specific dates and locations.

Congregational Meetings Recap

January 2024  Congregational Meeting Recap:

At the January 28 Congregational Meeting, we voted and approved the Call Committee's recommendation for Aaron Thompson to serve as a UALC Pastor. We heard an update on the Together campaign progress and saw photos of the Lytham Road Campus construction. We also celebrated the ministry of Pastor Dave and Pam Mann for their 50 years of service to God at UALC. 

If you have questions regarding the meeting, email

August 2023  Congregational Meeting Recap:

At the  August 27 Congregational Meeting, the votes were approved for a Call Committee for Aaron Thompson (to call him as one of our pastors), the 2024 budget, and to allow a mortgage to support construction financing for the Together project. Reports were also made by Pastor Steve and members of Church Council. 

If you have questions regarding the meeting, email

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