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Mill Run Audio Tech

Mill Run Audio Tech




Worship is the leading touchstone of our church life, and worship production is the behind-the-scenes work that allows our worship services to be an engaging and accessible experience. As an audio tech, you are a worship leader! While less visible than our partners on the platform, you are responsible for ensuring that the sound of worship, through music and the spoken word, is engaging and accessible to all who have gathered.

Desired Skills

Prior experience mixing live music is preferred, though not required. All incoming audio techs will be trained on our specific equipment, but additional, broader training on audio concepts is available.

Time Commitment

Audio techs support a midweek evening rehearsal of the music team lasting approximately two hours, arrive on Sunday morning at 6:30 am for the service music team run-through, and serve through the end of both services. Audio techs can serve as little as once per month, or as often as they feel comfortable. Scheduling is flexible to work around other commitments

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