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UALC Technical Support

Experiencing Technical Difficulties?

Technical issues can be frustrating! Here are a few good places to start if you're experiencing a problem:

  1. Refresh your webpage or device.

  2. Double-check your internet or data connection.

  3. Try using a different web browser or device. 

Many time one of those steps will either solve or identify the problem! If not, check below for common problems and potential solutions.

"Refresh" or "Reload" a Web Page?

To “refresh” a web page simply means to load it again. Most browsers have a built in function for this. On Google Chrome and Safari, in the menu bar, click “View” and then “Reload”. 


Refresh buttons often look similar to this


Compatible Web Browsers.

Click these links and follow the accompanying directions to download Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.



You can verify that you have the latest version of your preferred browser using these links:

Why Can't I Hear Anything?

Videos might start playing automatically with muted audio. Click on the speaker icon in the video window to adjust the volume level. If this doesn't work, try checking your devices audio output settings. 


Worship Online Livestream Problems

If you are unable to get the livestream page to load, or it's showing an error message, try watching the service on our YouTube Channel.

Click here for worship livestream and video on-demand links

Refresh Web Page
Compatible Web Browsers
Audio Problems
Contact Tech Support
Worship Online YouTube Link
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