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October 18 | Luke 24:13-35

Updated: Oct 18, 2022






by Mary Kate Hipp

I have a running list of questions on my phone of things I want to ask God when I see Him face to face. Some are silly, such as "why did you need to create worms?" or "why am I so tall?". Others are much more serious, "why did you let 'xyz' happen to me?" or "couldn't you have just spared so and so?".

While reading the passage on the Road to Emmaus, it was clear to me that I am not the first to ask such questions. Since the dawn of time people have been waiting to ask the Lord questions, to see His face. The two Jesus met, however, had the opportunity to do just that, except something prevented them from recognizing Him. Although they were talking about the Gospel and clearly loved the Lord, they could not recognize that they were literally talking to Jesus Christ Himself.

Perhaps we are in the same boat. Now, Jesus clearly has not come back so what I mean by this is: maybe we are like the two sojourners speaking to the Lord yet were/are prevented from recognizing Him. They knew the Scriptures, they knew the Gospel, and they were excited for all the Lord had done yet they could not recognize His face or His words. However, the second they broke bread and sought His presence--they recognized His physical presence.

As Lutherans, we do not believe that during Holy Communion that the elements physically become the body and the blood. We do however believe that His presence is in and with the meal of communion--it is an act of seeking His presence. Friends, seek His presence. We do not need to wait for Communion on Sundays to do so. Christ tells us in Matthew 28:20 that He will be with us always. He is with us if we just seek His presence. Recognize His presence and faithfulness in your life.

Rev. Dr. Hank Voss, one of my professors at Taylor University, recently explained to me that, "Jesus is not going to reveal Himself to you unless you ask Him to,".

Let's unpack this:

First off, God has chosen us, and He is seeking a relationship with us, (1 Thes 1:4, John 15:16). Secondly, Jesus waits patiently for us to invite Him into our daily life. He is gentle, and He does not force the door to our heart, (Luke 10:42, James 4:8. Luke 24:28-29, Revelation 3:20).

The initiative of seeking a relationship with the Lord does not depend on us, rather it is merely a response to His seeking us. In this story, Jesus already had a relationship with the two sojourners, and had chosen them, he simply waited for them to invite Him in before revealing His true identity and beauty.

We must make it a habit to make space for Him to reveal Himself to us, make the space for His presence. He must become the deepest desire of your heart. We have the ability to ask all of our silly questions about weird-looking animals and why we are the way we are, we have the power to ask Him about the achings of our hearts. The GREAT news is that our God answers all of those questions if we make room for His presence.


Thank you, Lord, for being a Lord who reveals Himself to His children. Thank You for never tiring of your children's questions. We praise you, O Lord that You delight in spending time with us. Help us to create space today for Your presence. Father, we long to see Your face. Amen.

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