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March 9 | Matthew 14:13-21





The Cross Changes Everything

by Judy Webb

"When Jesus heard what had happened, he withdrew by boat privately to a solitary place. Hearing of this the crowds followed him on foot from the towns." (Matthew 14:13)

So, what did Jesus just hear about? What was the news that drove him to seek solitude and His Father’s presence? Many of us can relate to the need for getting away from it all, to pray and consider our next steps. Grief can be overpowering. Jesus was human and his love for his cousin, John, was causing his heartache. John’s death left a hole, but not for long. Just as we know when our loved one dies, we will be together again, so did Jesus.

Jesus quickly pulled himself together. Time spent with God always helps to get our head back on straight. Jesus knew that there was much to do yet and time was running short. The crowds kept following him and he kept healing and teaching and loving them unconditionally. His compassion for these people keeps him going.

There is much ahead for Him, and He needs the Discipline of Solitude to gain strength. So do we. It isn't a weakness to withdraw, to take a break, and examine our lives, our emotions. Emotional pain isn't weakness, but a process to go through. Jesus had his Father to talk with, who do you have? Jesus was not only grieving the loss of John, but he knew what lie ahead. Each day was full for Him.


As Jesus’ journey takes him closer to the cross, let us walk alongside as best we can. Escalation of opposition is building. Then and now. Let us remember why the cross is so life-changing and important and why Jesus makes the difference in everything.

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