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JUNE 29 | 2 Corinthians 8:8-15






Test of Sincere Love

by Mary Alice McGinnis


If you could find the perfect litmus test for sincere love, what would it be?  

Several years ago, a young woman took a trip to California. After a couple days of hiking, she and her friend—who was a guy—set off to see the sights in San Francisco. They found a place to park the rental car and went exploring. Several hours later when they returned, they found the windows of the rental car broken, and all the young woman’s expensive hiking gear had stolen.

Without a second’s hesitation, her "guy friend" got on his phone, made some calls to report the break in. While the young woman talked with the police, her friend stood on the sideline. He knew every piece of equipment she had lost, so he quickly used his phone to search for, order and pay for everything that was stolen.

When this young woman retells this story, she says, “That is when I first realized that he loved me.”


Luke 10 tells that the greatest commandment is: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind;” and, “Love your neighbor as yourself.”


Paul speaking to the Corinthians tells them he wants to test the sincerity of their love. But he says, “I am not commanding you.” Love cannot be genuine if it is forced or commanded. Love is not produced through the use of manipulation. The outpouring of sincere love shows itself in tangible ways, in giving - giving of ourselves, our time, our attention and our resources. Love is not simply having good intentions or having a willingness to help. Love takes action.

God shows us the perfect example of love in action. Jesus, who was the very Son of God, and was with the Father from the beginning, lived in all the splendor and glories of heaven. The riches that were His before He became human would make the all the riches of this earth seem minuscule.

Yet, because of His love for us, He chose to become poor, leaving the joys of heaven, and taking on human flesh as a man.

Why? For OUR SAKE.

He was willing to take our place, die a criminal’s death, so that we can share in His eternal, heavenly wealth, and become holy sons and daughters of God. He became poor so that through His poverty, we might become rich!

What will your response be to His extravagant love? In what ways can you express your love to Him and to those whom He puts in your path today?


Lord, You have shown Your love to me so lavishly. Why would You become poor so that I may share in Your riches? It is more than I can take in. I pray, Lord, that I will joyfully show sincere love to You for all You have done for me. May Your abundant love in my heart overflow into the lives of those around me in tangible ways today. Show me how to give of myself, my time, my attention, and my resources to express love today.

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