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July 19 | Isaiah 7:10-14


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Ask and you Shall Receive

by Mary Kate Hipp

I have a vivid memory as a child of an ice cream truck coming through my neighborhood, and my neighbor friend was dragging me around my yard and house in search of my parents, because she wanted me to be able to enjoy ice cream with her! I was convinced that my parents would say "no," so I took my neighbor friend on a wild goose chase AWAY from where I knew my parents were, and we missed the ice cream truck entirely. Neither of us got our ice cream. My friend was devastated, and I was just glad I missed out on the embarrassment of being told "no." Later that night as I relayed the story to my parents, my mom just chuckled and said, "Well of course you could have had ice cream. Why would I have said 'no'?" If I had just asked, my friend and I both could have enjoyed a delicious treat!

Perhaps you're experiencing something similar with God. Maybe you are convinced He will say "no," so why bother asking? Maybe your request seems too silly to bother God with. Maybe you would rather make the decision without consulting your Father entirely. Or maybe you are like me in most situations and you asked God, heard Him loud and clear, yet decided to do the opposite. Whatever the situation, you are fleeing from the one who created everything and knows everyone intimately. So I boldly ask you, how dare you refuse or refute the wisdom of our Father?

In our passage today Ahaz had good intentions by declaring He will not test the Lord. However, asking the Lord for a sign, or for help, guidance, or wisdom is not testing the Lord. He is your Father, trust that He is good and wants good for you. Maybe that "good" goes against what you think is good, so have faith that if you ask, you shall receive, if you seek, you will find, and if you knock, the door shall be opened (Matthew 7:7-8). Did the Lord not promise the House of David a savior called Immanuel? And did He not only send His Son, Immanuel but also gave Him as a ransom for many? Ask in faith, friends, and trust in faith.



Spend time today in meditation with the Lord. Meditate deeply in what you need to ask the Lord, have not asked the Lord for in the past, etc. Then be bold and ask. Run to your Father's arms and tell Him the desires of your heart for He is faithful and good.

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