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April 14 | John 19:1-15


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No King But Jesus

by Judy Webb

“Do you refuse to speak to me?” Pilate said. “Don’t you realize I have power either to free you or to crucify you?” Jesus answered, “You would have no power over me if it were not given to you from above.” (John 19:11-12)

Pilate was trying to exert power over Jesus, to intimidate and put him in his place. He may have thought he was succeeding until Jesus set things straight, letting this Roman leader know that he had no power over Jesus, had God not given it to him. We know that Pilate wanted to release Jesus, he knew he was dealing with an innocent man, but fear had a stronghold on him. The consequences would be great if he released Jesus.

I am reminded of the message Aaron Thompson delivered Sunday; in fact, I have been ruminating on it all week. I feel like I can relate to Pilate in that I often allow fear to lead me to take the steps I take, or avoid taking steps I should. Pilate was afraid if he released Jesus it would be seen as if he accepted Jesus as King of the Jews. Caesar was his king and releasing Jesus would be denying Caesar. That was just too dangerous.

He may have been asking himself, “How did I get here?” That is the question raised to us Sunday, and I have contemplated this myself. Where has my fear come from? Fear of rejection of my friends and family, fear of what this rejection could mean. Could I lose my job? Would acceptance of Jesus jeopardize my standing in the community? If I spoke out for truth might I be ostracized, criticized, and rejected.

Am I rejecting Jesus when I fail to make a stand for the Gospel? Am I rejecting my Savior when I don’t speak out for those who are in need, who are mis-led by the teachings of this world? Am I judgmental, or am I understanding and waiting with open arms to comfort and assure all of Jesus’ love and forgiving nature?

Who is on the throne of my heart? A perfect question to ask during this season of Lent. Do I reject Jesus out of fear, or embrace Him as my King? Do I boldly shout, “I have no king but Jesus!”



Read the words from John 19:1-15 again. Let us consider what they mean today, and pray for God to reveal any fear that might be holding us back from boldly proclaiming Jesus as Savior. Ask God to show us any idols we cling too because we are afraid to let them go. Every morning let us ask ourselves, "Who is on the throne of my heart?"

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