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April 10 | Matthew 28:11-15



Matthew 28:11-15



Operation Cover-Up

by Pr. Dave Mann

The resurrection is the key event in the work of salvation that Jesus accomplished for all

believers from Maundy Thursday through Easter morning. We should not be surprised that the Enemy, the father of lies, though he is defeated, would devise a plan to try to discredit this amazing feat.

The four classic theories against the resurrection have been:

  • Stolen body theory -- The disciples stole the body.

  • Wrong tomb theory – The women went to the wrong tomb.

  • Swoon theory – Jesus did not fully die but only appeared to die.

  • Hallucination theory – The disciples wanted Jesus to rise again so much that they had a group and recurring hallucination of his resurrected form.

Due to space restrictions, I will address only the first one briefly. The others are also easily explained by Christian apologists, such as, Josh McDowell, Lee Strobel, and others.