Tuesday, April 23, 2019
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Weekly UALC Prayer Requests

We corporately lift up prayer requests each week. Join us as we come before our Father with petitions and praises. We welcome anyone to join our group who prays regularly for the needs of the church. You can sign up here and receive the weekly prayer request by email.
This week, April 8-14, remember to pray for:
• Tetelestai; (Greek for “It is finished”) This musical drama vividly portrays the betrayal, trial, crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Pray for the students and staff who will put it on at UALC this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Pray for those God is drawing to attend and that His Spirit will open hearts to the Gospel. Ministry Leaders are John Zawodny and Aaron Thompson.
• Men’s Bootcamp; This ministry is an offsite event for men to explore key questions about who they are as men, who God intends them to be and the spiritual battles that surround us. Pray for the men God wants at this extended retreat, April 25-28. Ministry Leader is Jeff Schuster.
• God’s Hygiene Help Center; pray for this ministry as they build a team to give hope through dignity by providing hygiene products to people living in poverty. Ministry Leaders are Tammy Jewell and Terry Starr.
• Athletes in Action; pray for Rick and Karen Rogers and their work to use the venue of sports to effectively draw players, coaches, and spectators to the truth of the Gospel.
• Ask the Holy Spirit to teach us how we can resist the devil and his evil work.
“When joy and prayer are married, their first born-child is gratitude.” -Charles Spurgeon
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Last week, April 1-7, remember to pray for:
• Fitness Ministries; pray for our Men over 30 Basketball (Dave Charlson), Refit® (Stacey Swanson), Tae Kwon Do for ages 8-adult (Angie Edmonds) and ages 5-8 (Kelly Mikhail), Tai Chi (Pam Mann) and Christian Yoga (Julie Carter, Stephanie Schroer). Pray for safety and the joy of playing and exercising together in a Christian environment.
• Funeral Receptions; pray for those who work to comfort grieving families and guests through meals and receptions after funerals and memorial services. Ministry Leader is MaryAnn Smith.
• Worship Tech; pray for the sound and slide ministry during Sunday worship services. Ask God to be with those who serve now and provide more volunteers to be trained. Director of Worship Technology is Steve Gill.
• Protestant Church in Rabat, Morocco; pray that Jack Wald and other leaders may have the wisdom and courage necessary to share the Good News of Jesus in a Muslim-majority country.
• Ask the Holy Spirit to teach us how God delivers us from temptation.
“Prayer is an art which only the Spirit can teach us. He is the giver of all prayer.”  -Charles Spurgeon
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Thank you for praying!