Thursday, July 02, 2020
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Weekly UALC Prayer Requests

We corporately lift up prayer requests each week. Join us as we come before our Father with petitions and praises. We welcome anyone to join our group who prays regularly for the needs of the church. You can sign up here and receive the weekly prayer request by email.

Weekly UALC Prayers (posted June 24):

Recovering at home: Kelly Hern, Mikey Long
A portion of our members with ongoing health needs: Molly Baughman, Gary Osborn, Linda Paparodis, Dave Perdue, Jackie Rae, Joe Randazzio, Tim Robison, Ted Schindler, Catherine Shapiro, Sam Short, Sharon Thomas
Christian sympathy: to all families who have lost loved ones to COVID-19

UALC's Campaign of Prayer

In addition, our Daily Worship (Daily Readings) Blog has a Bible passage, comment by a member and a prayer request. Here are the themes for each day of the week:
  • Sundays: SCRIPTURES  Pray the Scriptures. Some examples are Psalm 91:1-15  /  Psalm 121:5-8  /  John 14:27  /  Philippians 4:6-7  /  2 Timothy 1:7
  • Mondays: MEDICAL PERSONNEL  Pray for our doctors, nurses, and all medical professionals to have strength, wisdom, endurance and alertness.
  • Tuesdays: TRUTH  In the midst of all the messages being heard, pray for accurate information to drown out false reporting and click-bait tactics.
  • Wednesdays: WISDOM  Pray for wisdom in these times as we all work toward protecting lives. Consider the livelihoods of millions hurt by the economic impact.
  • Thursdays: TRIUMPH  Pray for scientists all over the world seeking antidotes to heal the world of this virus. Pray they would be triumphant quickly.
  • Fridays: FAITH  Pray for faith instead of fear, that many would come to faith in Jesus and that we would all trust God more deeply during this time.

Online Prayer Requests

These requests have been submitted through our online prayer request form or through Becki Bork, our Director of Congregational Care. Please use these requests and praises as a help in your prayer time.
July 1;
Salvation for family and friends. Deeper faith for prayer partners both near and far. Sister H for more faith. David P for more faith. Miranda and her 3 girls: Madison, Madeline, Meredith for more faith. 2 big tests coming; God would help me to study. Allan is in jail. Wisdom for decision on the weekend of July 16. Wisdom for future choices. Thank you
July 1:
hank you so much for continuing to pray for Meyana and that scholarship we are waiting on. We were told today that there's not more to offer in that area, although we understood there was. And it appears they may not have looked at our medical bills we submitted as of recent. Please pray the Baylor committee will look at the $37K and change their mind, reducing the bill some further. That is our paid bills. And we still have some to go. Meanwhile, thanking God every second for His Mercy, His Power, His Love, and His Provision, trusting that Nothing Is Impossible with God, Luke 1:37. Praise Jesus! Love you all!
July 1:
Please pray ever so boldly! Thank you! Kiley's brain surgery is scheduled for July 2nd.  We are believing together for miracles for Mike & Kiley.  No more brain tumors or troubles. No pains, no sorrows, no suffering. Only God's complete victory and glory! Please pray....In Jesus' Holy Name!
June 29:
Please pray for the in-laws, Dea and Mel. Dea will be having a shoulder replacement on Thursday and Mel is having very painful back issues and also needs surgery but is very nervous about having surgery. Please pray that Mel decides to actually schedule and have the surgery and that both have comfort and peace through this process with quick recovery.
June 29:
Prayers for my 83 year old mom, Shirley, who is having back surgery on July 2. Thank you!
June 28:
Praise the Lord! We heard word today that Meyana got an equalization scholarship that took off some of her Baylor bill due to some classes being hybrid and online. I call it the Jesus Christ Scholarship! We are getting closer to the ability to handle the total for the fall. Praise Jesus! Appreciate your prayers that the special circumstances scholarship still comes in. It would really help. God is amazing! Praise Jesus! Thank You Jesus! May God powerfully bless you! We love you much! 
June 24:
Appreciate your prayers for my job.  I really need God's wisdom on to stay and trust or to look elsewhere for a place where I can feel I can be myself without persecution.  Thank you!
June 24:
Nicolas- needs to love himself
June 24:
Please pray not just for the kids but also the teachers who will have to return to the classroom. Being older there are many teachers who are at risk but cannot afford to leave their jobs. My daughter is one of those.
June 22:
Please pray for my sister, Linda. She's in a nursing home and tested positive for covid -19. She has no symptoms and we're praying she does not develop respiratory illness.
June 18:
Please Pray for [me] Paul that I may find peace during these times.  Also that my current job is safe.
June 18:
Appreciate your prayers today for wisdom for us as a family as Meyana comes home for her birthday and a Father's Day visit. Please pray for peace for all of us, the Holy Spirit to guide us, and for separation from this man she is seeing - to God's glory. And of course, for his salvation. And for her protection.  Also, for Braxten - joy in going to the driver's bureau and getting lined out there. And for wisdom for the right future college as he's doing virtual visits. 
June 18:
Please continue to Pray for my wife Kelly.  She is having some health issues
June 17:
Alvin Hughes is on life support. Prayers for him (my dad) and my mom and myself.
June 15:
I'm now tearful over worry about covid. Wanting to be very careful for my safety and society safety. I haven't gone to a store. Just letting myself do a socially distanced walk or sit outside with a friend. Lonely and worrisome. The end feels so far away. I know God allowed this. So I'm OK with that it is happening. He has our attention. But I need help finding ways to care for myself and perservere in a God honoring way.
June 15:
Please pray for my family that we can live free of the past and move forward into the plan that God has for us. I just know that God wants something bettter for us but we seem to be stuck in past hurts and unnforgiveness, bitterness even.. It has us unable to move forward out of this desert we’re in because we can no longer see the good in this life He’s given us. I’m so ready to move forward with the help of The Lord. Please pray that my husband will move forward with me.
June 15:
Please pray for our son Mason, 17 years old - he is having nasal surgery tomorrow to correct a defect - that he would have peace (he's nervous) and that the surgery would be successful - thank you all!
June 14:
Precious Friends! We are asking as a family for your bold and powerful prayers over two very precious people and their precious family, Mike and Kiley, Mike is the Dad who has been battling brain "c".  Now, his daughter, Kiley, who just finished high school, had a seizure. They ran a CT scan and an MRI and the results revealed a mass on her brain which appears to be a glio-type tumor like I had. They don't know if it's benign or not. They believe they can remove it with surgery. Would you pray for this beloved family? They are standing in faith. Please stand with them and us in full agreement for the Miraculous Healing of Mike and Kiley and for God's remarkable glory and presence to be felt and known all the way through to His victory over any and all tumors, "c", or struggles through the Blood of Christ. For God's perfect healing touch, nothing less. We really thank you and pray with all our hearts for miracles over these precious ones....I realize what God did in and through me. I pray He does abundantly even more in this situation and heals them both, a double miracle over them and a triple miracle over the family that they will share all the days of their lives to God's glory. Somehow, some way, I know our God is able. We love you much!
June 13:
Savannah and Isaiah would soon get baptized. Bret would stop drinking. Mark would stop drugs.Miranda and her 3 girls: Madison, Madeline, Meredith for more faith, hope, peace, power, love, growth, joy, wisdom, knowledge, protection. The prayer wall at my church. Deeper faith for prayer partners both near and far. Keith would find more sustainable work. Rosy would find work. I have two big tests coming up--God would have mercy on me as I pursue my certifications. Alex's battalion is being deployed--God have mercy. 7 silent requests. 1 special request. I have to make certain decision in the next two months: wisdom, wisdom, wisdom, wisdom, and faith. David P and his family would move forward and make the right choices—wisdom and peace. James, Tracey, Jack, and Rob would accept the deeper truths of the Bible. Tom really destroyed his shoulder—God would heal him. Thanks
June 13:
Pray for Mikey L. (13 years old), currently hospitalized following a bike accident in which the handlebars punctured his kidney. He has undergone one surgery, which he is recovering from, but a main concern is the health of the kidney and the possibility of having to remove the kidney.
June 12:
Ongoing difficult treatment of cancer.
June 8:
Tesia M., 30 yr mom, just diagnosed with stage 4 cancer
June 7:
Linda P., in hospital with complications due to chemo and cancer.
June  6:
Please pray for my kids.  First for Meyana.  Praise the Lord Jesus Christ for delivering Meyana her academic scholarship once again along with a couple other smaller scholarships. Please pray that God will separate Meyana from any UnGodly people and influences. We are concerned about someone she is hanging out with, and she has been hiding from us. We have discussed with her. Please pray God will separate them or bring this young man fully into God's light. Thank you!  Also, please pray for Braxten who is going on virtual visits for college, for God's plan and for him to remain on a good Godly happy path. We praise God he is always on the prayer path and seeking God. Please pray that God will surround him and Meyana with angels and light and God's love, and they will never be separated from the Lord. That God's glory will be known in and through them and us all the days of their/ our lives. Thank you! Love you all!  And still praying, no more covid-19, to God's victory! Yay Jesus!...and Praying for you daily!
June 4:
Please pray for Eric Gowans and family at the death of his dad, Jim Gowans, on 5/31/20. The funeral is scheduled for 6/8/20 in Cincinnati. Thank you!
June 4:
Please Pray for the Hern Family. We have some very serious sickness going on right now.
June 1:
I am deeply saddened by the apparent murder if child Jhana who is in hospital now recovering but needs a miracle if holy anointing fire to save her in London. Pray the offender C. M. is held by police now and the family stops the murderous attack on the child. Pray someone stops the attack or the father and mother so they have strength to stop C.M. from erupting in anger and blowing up like a volcano and trying to murder his sister by suffocation and strangulation.