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October 13 | Exodus 19:1-13





Come to the Mountain

by Jennifer Jerrome

Moses served as God’s messenger to the Israelites. While they were his chosen people, the story of Mount Sinai makes it clear that the Israelites were not to come near the mountain. Only Moses could approach the Lord.

Moses was a major player in the Old Testament. He was as close as one could get to God, but that would change in the New Testament when God sent another to share his message.

Through Jesus, all people, not just the Israelites could approach God in new ways—which made it hard for the religious leaders to accept. They were used to the “Moses way,” where only a select few could interact with the sanctity of God. The “Jesus way” was foreign.

I’m so thankful for the “Jesus way.” I find great comfort in having a personal relationship with God.

But we cannot forget the important role Moses played in the history of Christianity. While many Christians turn to the New Testament for guidance, Moses and the Old Testament laid the foundation for what was to come. We need Exodus and the stories of Mount Sinai to understand how God speaks to people where they are, in their context and time.

The Israelites understood the role of Moses and the need for consecration. They understood not approaching the mountain until the ram’s horn sounded. This made sense to them. Their relationship with God was one of physical distance and obedience.

Jesus would come and change the game. He made it possible for each of us to experience God in a whole new way. It would take some getting used to and even today many believe that approaching God is taboo, that we must first cleanse ourselves and perform rituals to get his attention. Through Jesus we learned he wants each of us to draw near to him, even when covered in the dirt and grime of sin.

Part of Moses’ job as messenger was to tell the Israelites to wash and get ready for God. Jesus did the washing for us, so that we could be with him.


Thank you, Father, for giving the Israelites Moses. He brought them out of the darkness of Egypt. Thank you for giving each of us Jesus to bring us out of our darkness. We have seen a great light. Continue to guide our steps to an everlasting relationship with you. Amen

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