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July 8 | Psalm 139:1-16


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Nowhere To Hide

by Jennifer Jerrome

I imagine it would be difficult to play the game Two Truths & A Lie or Hide & Seek with God. Omniscience gives Him somewhat of an advantage. We may try our hardest to put one past Him, but in the end, we’re only fooling ourselves.

"You are familiar with all my ways.

Before a word is on my tongue

You, Lord, know it completely." (v 3-4)

When times are tough, our human nature wants to flee to dark places – to hide from the truth. But God has the world’s best night vision. He sees us no matter what.

Sometimes we think we’re being sneaky by hiding our fears in the dark corners of our minds, but…there is God, shining a light on all our best hiding spots. He illuminates things we buried and never wanted to see, which can get really uncomfortable.

But as he’s shining a light with his left hand, He’s holding us fast with his right.

I recently read one of Max Lucado’s prayers for anxiety in which he says, “Resting in you provides relief.” So, when God extends his hand (and He’s doing it all the time) - take it.

Rest in Him. Allow Him to shine a light on your fears and anxieties. And as tempting as it would be to run and hide, GRAB ON and let Him lead you out of the darkness to the truth of His love.



Check out 12 Prayers For When You Feel Anxious, adapted from Less Fret, More Faith by Max Lucado.

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