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Kids Church Small Group Teen

Kids Church Small Group Teen




Kids’ Church is one of our most valued Sunday morning ministries at UALC. We strive to create a warm, welcoming, and fun environment where students feel like they belong. We desire to engage students with each other and with the Gospel every Sunday, so that they have a strong community of fellow believers their own age, and they have confidence in their faith and who God is. Kids’ Church happens most every Sunday at both Mill Run and Lytham during the school year.

Desired Skills

As a KC Small Group Teen, you will be asked to support a small group leader as children are being taught during the middle section of the church service. In this role you will participate and engage with kids with enthusiasm. Communicating these lessons means that kids who attend UALC regularly hear the Gospel, know they are loved, and build safe mentorship relationships with older Christians.

Time Commitment

Small Group Teens commit to serving for an entire school year, however many times a month you have decided upon before the start of the year. We ask that you always arrive early and are willing to stay an extra few minutes if cleanup is needed or a child is waiting to be picked up.

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