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September 9 | Isaiah 12:1-6


Isaiah 12:1-6

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Trust Not Fear

by Judy Webb

I will trust and not be afraid. (Isaiah 12:1-6)

I love to read scripture and concentrate on words of comfort and reassurance such as these. But I do find it difficult to dismiss all the troubles around me, and turn it all over to God. Even though I know nothing that is happening in our world is a surprise to Jesus, and I understand that He knew what our lives would be like in the year 2021, it still causes angst. He knows what is ahead of us in 2022, and yet I am fearful. I pray that I can truly believe that He has it under control and I need only trust and not be afraid. But, how hard is this?

If we've been reading from God's word for any length of time, and have taken in His words and studied and applied them to life, our hearts should take comfort from all we've learned. Know what I mean? I know, there are some days when it is just so hard to take it all in. It is difficult to live a life of courage and faith. But, it is during times such as these, where drawing on our past readings and experiences, will bring us through and prepare us for tomorrow.

Trust is a big word here. I find that I don't trust what I hear or read any longer. Except when I read my Bible. Last year when there was so much noise in the world, I came to the conclusion that there is only one place to find truth. Only one place where I could believe what I read. Perhaps this was part of God's plan after all.

I draw comfort from my time in God's Word. Fear fades when faith flourishes.



Prayer: Dear Jesus, lead me to your Word when I am afraid. Reveal your truth when I search the pages of my Bible. Open my eyes and fill my spirit with your love, and cast away the doubt and fear all around me. Amen.

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