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September 22 | Exodus 2:1-10





God is in control

by Kim Starr

When I first read this passage, the word that came to mind was courage. How courageous of Moses’ parents to hide him for three months. How courageous of Moses’ mother to put Moses in a waterproof basket and hide him among the reeds? How courageous of Moses’ sister to speak to Pharaoh’s daughter and offer a solution whereby Moses would be fed and the family would earn money. How courageous of Pharaoh’s daughter to save Moses from her father’s edict to kill all Hebrew children. I wondered if I would have had the courage to do any of these things and I tried to look back on my life and search for times I had been courageous.

Then I stopped and realized that it was God’s plan for Moses to put all these people in motion to do what they did. God knew long before Moses was born that Moses would lead God’s people out of Egypt. God is Who made it possible for all these events to transpire in the manner they did.

Then I looked back on my life and tried to discern all the times that God’s hand had been guiding my actions, the actions of others, and events. At the time, I probably didn’t even think about what God was doing. But now that I was looking for God, I could see His hand in all kinds of things.

The story of Moses’ birth and deliverance is an example of God moving in the hearts and minds of humans to accomplish His sovereign will. Every single event occurred just the way God needed it to. God knew the role Moses would play and what would prepare Moses to accomplish His plans. From beginning to end, God was in complete control.

Are you going through something in your life right now that you don’t understand? Do you wonder why God is sending people, projects, and events your way? Look at what you are dealing with and observe it in the context of today’s Bible passage.

We do not have to understand why we are going through what we are. All we need to do is believe in God and trust Him. We need to believe God has a perfect plan for our lives and that every person, project, and event in our lives is working to fulfill that plan. We also need to believe God when He tells us that every detail of our lives is under His sovereign control, just like it was with Moses. God knows exactly what He’s doing, and we need to trust Him, relax, and let His plans work.


Dear heavenly Father, help us look to You first in every situation. Help us ask You what is going on that we don’t understand and ask You how we can fulfill Your plans. Thank you for your vision. It is far greater than any we could have. To You be the glory! Amen.

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