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November 7 | Psalm 24


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Who Is This King of Glory?

by Elaine Pierce

How do you prepare for worship on Sunday? I will admit that I don't put much effort into preparing for worship. Don't get me wrong - I am eager to go to church, especially after Covid prevented us from gathering in person for many months. It is a joy to be together again.

But all too often I am guilty of expecting 'the church' to be ready to entertain me. I find myself evaluating the music and the sermon. Did I like them? Did they 'connect' with what I am going through? Did they meet my needs? What did I get out of worship? Perhaps those are the wrong questions.

Take a look at today's scripture, Psalm 24, for an approach to worship that focuses on God's character, and why he is worthy of our worship. This psalm was sung by the Levites after the offering of the regular daily sacrifice. The people walked in procession as the gates of the city were opened and the ark of the covenant was brought into the holy place (v. 7).

Who is the God we worship? He is creator (v. 1); sustainer of creation (v. 2); holy (v. 3), worthy of worship (v. 4), the source of true blessing (v. 5); our savior (v. 5); worthy of being sought (v. 6); desiring of our worship (v. 7); strong and mighty (v. 8); the Lord almighty (v. 10). Psalm 24 is a vivid reminder of the God we worship. He has won the victory, and he will reign in glory.

My small group meets every Sunday after worship, and we discuss the scripture passage and apply it to our lives. We met only a couple of times in person before Covid, but those months of 'zooming' helped us all begin the discipline of digging deeper into the Sunday scripture. Now that most of us can meet in person again, it has been a joy to continue to grow in our faith and support one another. I encourage you to enter worship with joy, ready to meet this amazing God we serve. Perhaps take a few minutes to read Psalm 24 before worship, and remind yourself what a privilege it is to worship the King of Glory.


Thank you, Lord, that we can worship you. As we enter church, help us to be ready to worship you in spirit and in truth. You are the King of Glory. You are strong and mighty, and you have won the battle. Forgive us when we make worship about us. Help us to enter into your gates with thanksgiving and into your courts with praise. Amen.

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