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November 23 | Nehemiah 8:5-12





A Cause for Celebration

by Judy Webb

“Do not grieve, for the joy of the LORD is your strength.” (Nehemiah 8:9)

“This day is holy to our Lord. Do not grieve, for the joy of, the Lord is your strength.” (Nehemiah 8:10b)

Has the truth of God’s Word ever hit you on an emotional level? Have you ever been reading from your Bible while searching for truth or answers to a question of great importance to you, and suddenly…there it is? It seems Nehemiah and the people surrounding him were having a special moment. Many had not heard God’s word before, and as Nehemiah read from the Holy Scriptures, the truth moved them to praise and worship as never before.

These Words convicted the people of their sin and revealed the good work God was doing, so they were joyful and filled with thankfulness. They cried out in celebration. This was a time of repentance and joy. Not having access to our Bibles for any length of time; missing out on the guidance and direction gleaned everyday while reading it, would make it impossible to move forward. I believe we would experience such a huge loss. Just the act of grabbing my Bible when my world seems to be falling apart is a comfort I cannot explain. Feeling God’s Presence through His Word is an amazing thing.

And to think, this is available to us all the time. No matter what experience we are in the midst of, God’s Word is there, waiting for us to soak it up. It seems that most times when I search for direction and guidance, I find it on the pages of my Bible. When I am stuck trying to discern which way to turn, I received direction from the Word of God. My heart is saddened to think of all the time wasted trying to move forward on my own power, my own wisdom. What a

ridiculous concept. Come Holy Spirit! This is my prayer every day.

The joy of the Lord is my strength.


Dear Jesus,

Do not allow me to step out on my own power. Teach me to turn to the truth found in my Bible. Your Word is a lamp unto my feet. Remind me to be thankful always for Your Word each day. Amen.

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