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November 1 | 2 Chronicles 6:12-21





Our Immutable Father

by Mary Kate Hipp

On the immanent theme of immutability, A.W. Pink stated that "...the permanence of God's character guarantees the fulfillment of His promises." We can (and should) have confidence in the things God promises to us because of His immutability--His inability to change in character.

In today's passage, the Israelites are finally experiencing and stepping foot into the long-awaited temple. They have heard for years that this temple was coming, in their waiting, they had experienced exile, a plethora of good and bad kings, famines, trials, etc. I imagine upon seeing this temple was a sigh of relief, a reassurance of faith for the Israelites, a revival amongst the people! From this passage we gather that God is faithful, God has been faithful, and God will be faithful--God is immutable, His promises will be fulfilled.

In this passage, it is interesting to note Solomon's posture upon the blessing of the temple. He takes a posture of humility, kneeling down and stretching out his hands in reverence before the Lord in front of all of Israel. In Hebrew, the word meaning "to kneel" is berek. People of this time viewed the knee as a symbol of strength. Therefore the bending of the knee in such a position is bending or surrendering of one's strength to the Lord. In Solomon's kneeling, he is denying himself and his majesty before the faithful King of Kings, he is submitting to the Lord wholly.

As was Solomon's, our response to the faithfulness of God should be to kneel prostrate in humble reverence for all He is doing, has done, and will do. God is immutable, His promises will be fulfilled.

However, sometimes it feels as though the Lord is not faithful, like relief is never coming, as though the temple will never be built! Friends, the Israelites waited HUNDREDS of years for the temple. Take delight in knowing that God's faithfulness is not temporally dependent. God is immutable, His promises will be fulfilled. In the waiting, it is good to still practice reverence. Join me in kneeling today knowing that because God has been faithful, He, therefore, is faithful and will be faithful. God is immutable, His promises will be fulfilled.

*Photo of me touching an actual stone from the second temple at the Western Wall in Jerusalem


Immutable Father,

We thank you that we can trust in the fulfillment of your promises because of your character. Great is thy faithfulness! Thank you for forgiving us in our unbelief or distrust in your faithfulness. Draw us to our knees today as we humbly submit ourselves to you.


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