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May 4 | Hosea 2:18-23



Hosea 2:18-23



Wrecked Love or Reckless Love?

by Kristin Schoeff

Few things in life could be more painful than being betrayed by an unfaithful spouse, partner, or close friend. How comforting to know that our God understands what that feels like, for He has had that experience repeatedly. And His unique response holds promise for us all….

Today’s reading tells of God’s promise of restoration to a people who had been unfaithful to Him. It promises a lasting commitment of great love, compassion, faithfulness, and provision from God to His people, and a response from them that He alone is their God. While these are wonderful promises, what is remarkable is that they follow the preceding verses in Chapters 1 and 2. If you haven’t read Hosea before, I encourage you to put today’s verses in context by reading what comes before.

It’s always been hard for me to understand why God required the prophet Hosea in the beginning of this book of prophecy to marry a “prostitute” (CEB), or “promiscuous woman/adulterous wife.” (NIV) What a difficult and painful thing to commit yourself to someone you know is going to betray your covenant and give herself to other men. Couldn’t Hosea have spoken those words of prophecy without experiencing the painful humiliation of having an unfaithful wife? Even worse, in Chapter 1, the Lord tells Hosea how to name the three children that his wandering wife, Gomer, bore to him: “Jezreel,” to mark promised punishment for a massacre at Jezreel; “Not loved” – what a heartbreaking name for a little girl! - and “Not my people.” Names of judgment and rejection.