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MAY 30 | JAMES 1:22-27





Link Arms in Unity

by Judy Webb

“Look after widows and orphans in their distress. Keep oneself from being polluted by the world.” (James 1:27 NIV)


A couple weeks ago I read these same words about caring for widows and orphans, but as is often the case, I had a totally different take on it. In a few short days my heart was changed about this verse, and I worked to understand what it could mean for me today. I have learned when God places his word on my heart for a second time in as many weeks, I best pay attention. I’ve also learned the hard way, that if He must tell me three times, watch out!

James is not so much inviting us to do something as he is inviting us to be something. We are called to live out the gospel, to care for each other and especially the disenfranchised. And we are called to make this a habitual practice. It is all about who we are consistently.

Have you ever felt manipulated by God?  Isn't it amazing to realize that we have a God who would go to these extremes to help us behave in a way that would do Him proud and save us a lot of grief?  Praise God from whom all blessing flow!

We must put our faith in the Gospel into action. Live out the Good News. Romans 12:21 instructs, “Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.” We must come alongside all who are deprived, weak, poor, ill, or isolated. When we stand with someone, they are no longer alone. The simple act of coming alongside could change everything. Locking arm in arm gives strength and courage to all.

Martin Luther once said, “The world does not need a definition of religion as much as it needs a demonstration.”


Dear Jesus,

Please change our hearts and open our eyes to those you want us to care for and come alongside of. Show us the power of being united in Christ. Come Holy Spirit.

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