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MAY 29 | 2 JOHN 1:1-9





Guard Against Falsehood

by Judy Webb

To the lady chosen by God and to her children, whom I love in the truth--and not I only but also all who know the has given me great joy to find some of your children walking in the truth, just as the Father commanded us. (2 John2:1,4)

Verse one is an interesting set of words, and requires further study and research. Some sources say the lady could be several things.

1.    The chosen lady could be the church, the Bride of Christ

2.    The elect Kyria – the Greek equivalent to the Aramaic name, Martha

3.     Some feel John is writing to a prominent unnamed Christian lady, in whose house they met. And who with other believers is among the elect of God

In any case, John is impressed with those keeping the truth and walking in the truth. As we know in our own world, truth can be fleeting. It often must be sought out and searched for. Ever since 2020 and covid, to me, truth seems to be elusive and often ignored. I remember writing in my journal while struggling to discern truth in our upside-down world. I was trying to find truth and concluding that the Bible is the only place to find absolute truth. Then I began digging into scripture and looking for answers.

Truth is the foundation of faith and truth is the basis of love. Truth cannot be based on feelings. There are many deceivers in this world. Followers of Jesus have three responsibilities:

  1. Walk in the Truth

  2. Know the Truth

  3. Protect the truth.

There is one way to know the truth and that is to read our Bibles daily and study the words. We need to know the truth so we can identify the lies of the enemy.  Don’t be deceived or exploited by false teachers.


Dear Lord,

Truth is the only thing we have to hold on to as this world spins so out of control. But, in reality, You are the only control that should matter to us. When we relinquish our need to control to You and allow the Holy Spirit it take over your will is done.

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Judy, you are so right that truth is elusive and often ignored. Thank you for directing us to the only truth that matters: God's word. There we can find everything we need. What a blessing! Thank you for this reminder.


May 29

Judy, this passage about walking in the truth is one of my favorites from Scripture along with 3 John 1:4. Thank you for such a simple, and yet rich, description of our responsibilities as believers. walk, know, protect the truth. I am encouraged to write these down and press in daily to know the truth!

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