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May 27 | Deuteronomy 6:4-12


Deuteronomy 6:4-12



How Soon We Forget

by Mary Alice McGinnis

I remember calling home during my college days. Sadly, often it was not the fact that my parents sacrificed their hard-earned money to provide me with a good education that prompted me to call. I don't remember dialing their number to just say, “Hey Mom and Dad, I was just thinking about you and wanted to tell you how much I love you!”

I called because I needed something. Help with a bill, my bank account was getting low, or I just simply needed some advice.

One spring while studying for some difficult tests, I received a phone call from my Mom. When I picked up the phone, her voice was distressed. She said, “Today is your dad and my anniversary. I thought we would hear from you.” Her tone was full of disappointment, but I could tell most of all how hurt she was that I had forgotten their special day.

It made me realize how easy it was for me to forget how much they were doing for me and take it all for granted. Don’t we treat God the same way sometimes? He loves to lavish us with His blessings just because HE LOVES US.

But God does not want to just be our provider, like a proverbial vending machine we go to when we need something. He doesn’t want to be seen as only our rescuer, like a magic genie we turn to only when we can’t figure things out ourselves. He doesn’t desire only our obedience, or sacrifice, or surrender or even our praise.

Above all else, He wants our heart. He desires - more than anything - our LOVE!