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May 25 | Romans 8:20-28






by Mary Alice McGinnis

Recently, I have been dealing with a heavy burden. My heart has been troubled by a burden on my heart from my past. I recently learned about how these things may soon impact those I know and love, and even some I don’t know. My first instinct was to charge in and try to control it. I made plans in my head about how I might try to protect people in the wake of the dangers I am sure are coming. My heart cries, “I MUST DO SOMETHING!” 

As I talked with a trusted friend, she asked me quietly, “How does that feel?” I said, “It feels overwhelming, like a tremendous weight. A heavy burden of guilt and responsibility.” Though I tried to convince myself I was strong enough to handle it, it was crushing me.

My friend asked me, “Where do you see God in this situation? What is He telling you?”

As I pondered her questions over the next few days, I thought, “I am weak, so very weak. I realize that I am a small, frail human, with minuscule power. Anything I might do or plan to do will be utterly insignificant, futile, and maybe even foolish. I cannot possibly fix this!”

So, I wept. My heart groaned! And it still is! It is so raw, so deep; words cannot express it.

Are you in a similar place right now? Are you feeling the weight of sorrow, grief, loneliness, despair, or insignificance? Is the burden of responsibility to “fix it” crushing you? Are you feeling overwhelmed by the guilt of something you have done, or maybe something you have NOT done. Maybe it is so raw, you are unable to even put it into words.

Today’s reading reminds us:

“In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit Himself intercedes for us through wordless groans. And He who searches our hearts knows the mind of the Spirit, because the Spirit intercedes for God’s people in accordance with the will of God.”

In my struggle of feeling completely helpless, I thought, “I CAN pray!”

Yet I did not know how to pray. What is it that God really wants me to do? My understanding of what will yet unfold is out of my limited scope of understanding. Trying to understand God’s hand in it all is ever more unclear to me.

Suddenly a feeling of peace swept over my soul.

None of it is NOT outside of God’s understanding! This is not outside of His control. He sees all and knows all. Even though I don’t even know how to express what I need, the Holy Spirit searches my heart and KNOWS exactly what I need. He stands before the throne room of the Almighty King of ALL, my Heavenly Father, pouring out groaning and sighing on my behalf. He does not ask for the wrong thing. He does not make a mistake. He is not caught off guard. When I am without words, The Holy Spirit’s intercessions are 100% in line with the goodness, purposes and will of My Faithful God.

Where do you see God in the midst of your groanings? What is He telling you?


Take 2-3 minutes today to pray a simple breath prayer. Get somewhere quiet and relaxing.


Breathe in deeply, stretching your arms wide over your head, and then breathe out fully, pulling your elbows down in the shape of a goal post.


As you reach up and breathe in, ask the Holy Spirit to search your heart. He knows you; He sees you. He loves you.

As you pull down and breathe out, offer to God the things you need Him to take from you—sin, doubt, shame, anxiety, fear, etc. Pray this way for just a few minutes, trusting that the Holy Spirit is uttering your groanings to the King of Heaven on your behalf right now.

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Mary Alice, thank you for being so vulnerable to share your heavy burden with us. I know you touched many, including me. Having a heavy burden only gets lighter when you give it to God and let the Holy Spirit do his thing. How thankful I am that the Holy Spirit intercedes for us and shares our groans and sighs with God. God definitely knows what to do!


May 25

Good morning, Mary Alice.

There have been times in my life when I have beseeched God in such a way that I thought not possible. In times of financial difficulty or in times of pain my prayers were along this line, "Father, take this cup from me. I am in pain and can offer no remedy for my situation. I beg you, Father, help me, please". I knew during those time there was nothing I could really do to change my circumstances but only God, if He so chooses, can do it. To me, it was almost a feeling of relief that I acknowledged my inability to overcome the source of my pain or temptation and had to humbly admit…

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