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May 15 | John 21:1-13


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Who's Joining You for Breakfast Today?

by Elaine Pierce

We continue to look at the post-Resurrection days in our study of John, and today we are going to work with some of the disciples. Several of them, including Peter, who features prominently in this passage, were fishermen when Jesus called them to come and follow him. We see them fishing once again. (They are about seventy miles or so from Jerusalem in the Sea of Tiberias.) Whether or not they are killing time, waiting for Jesus to reappear, or whether they are back to the office, so to speak, we don't know, but they have returned to fishing, something they know a lot about. They are in their comfort zone. But the fish aren't biting: they haven't had a nibble all night.

You've read the passage, so you know what happens: Jesus appears on the shore. He suggests that they try fishing from the other side of the boat. They follow his advice, even though they haven't recognized him yet. And, yes, they catch an incredible number of fish - 153 - but their nets don't break under the strain of this huge catch. Of course, they soon recognize Jesus, and Peter, in his haste (does he ever think before he acts??), jumps out of the boat and swims? dog paddles? rushes to the shore to greet Jesus.

Jesus is preparing breakfast for his friends. He is meeting them in their every day routine: they are working. They need to eat. He is with them. He doesn't sit them down and chastise them for fishing. He meets them where they are. And that's what Jesus wants to do with us. He wants to sit with us at work, at breakfast, at lunch, at dinner. He wants to join us as we do ordinary things. Don't push Jesus to the side and just bring him out when you are at church. Don't put him in a box. He wants to be part of everything you are doing. Welcome him. Break bread with him. Thank him with a grateful heart.


Lord, you meet us in the ordinary, everyday rhythm of our lives. Help us to invite you in, every day and in every way. Thank you for the gift of life, and the gift of sharing each moment, day by day. Amen.

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