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May 13 | 1 Peter 1:1-9



1 Peter 1:1-9



What is in Your Attic?

by Mary Alice McGinnis

What comes to mind when you think of an attic? I can picture in my mind’s eye the dark, musty, walk-in attic from the home I lived in until I was eight years old. I can still picture the white peeling paint on the door of that attic, the porcelain doorknob that barely turned, the creaky hinges. Upon opening the door, the dim lighting was less than inviting, and the smell of dusty old things wafted through our nostrils.

And yet, on the occasion when we had to go to the attic to find something stored there, it would often result in a prolonged quest. Searching for the proposed item by systematically opening box upon box was time-consuming enough.

But then the distraction of reminiscing about rediscovered treasured memories would last for hours. My grandparents’ deteriorating travel trunk that they brought to the United States when they immigrated. The baby dolls that I refused to sleep without when I was a toddler. The faded scrap book of photos from when my parents and their siblings were young.

Our attic was like one giant room of keepsakes that we hoped somehow to preserve. Today’s scripture tells us of some things that God has given us, stored up for us and preserves for us.