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March 8 | Matthew 14:1-12





Sharing our Grief

by Judy Webb

How often has guilt caused us to believe or excuse an unexplained situation? One commentary said Herod’s conscience stabbed him. The atrocious execution plagued Herod, and he was looking for anything to justify his actions. He told his subjects that the miracles of Jesus were because John the Baptist was resurrected as Jesus. Ridiculous, of course. But it seemed to take the heat off of his actions.

“John's disciples came and took his body and buried it. Then they went and told Jesus." (Matthew 14:12)

These disciples of John must have been heartbroken, and they probably knew Jesus would be too. But they knew where to take their grief, to the feet of the Savior. It had to be difficult news to carry to Jesus, but it had to be done.

We can find in our time now, that bringing our grief to Jesus helps. His peace and love will embrace us as no other can. As we pour out hearts out to Jesus, we know that he understands, and He will heal our brokenness. As our world falls deeper and deeper into sin and we find ourselves hated and ridiculed for our faith, Jesus is the only answer. We know that when he returns, all wrongs will be made right, all those who hate him will be culled from existence.

But, until that day, we have an assignment from Jesus himself. Go! Tell the story of Jesus’ love and forgiveness. It isn’t too late until that final day.


Dear Jesus, give us courage and a love for each other that makes us tell our story, Your story, to all who will listen. Come Holy Spirit!

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