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March 31 | Matthew 20:29-34



Matthew 20:29-34


Blind Faith

by Kim Starr

“Help!” “HELP!!” “HELP!!!”

Have you been stuck and need help to get out of it? The longer you scream for help, the louder your voice becomes. If you are fortunate, someone comes and gives you a hand. You are grateful and say so. More likely, though, you go back to what you were doing, but are careful to avoid the mistake that got you stuck.

Today, two blind beggars are on the side of the road shouting at Jesus as He goes by. “Lord, Son of David, have mercy on us!” (Matt 20:30) They shout a second time, only more loudly. Their shouts acknowledge two things about Jesus: 1) They call Him “Lord,” which is a recognition of His power and position of authority and 2) They call Him “Son of David,” which is a recognition of the fact that Jesus is the Messiah. Their shouts are heartfelt, sincere, and honest. They are also full of desperation, acknowledgement, and faith.

While the crowd tries to silence them, Jesus stopped and asked the blind beggars what they wanted Him to do for them. Of course, Jesus knew exactly what they wanted, but He asks so that He can hear it directly from them and so He can form a relationship with them. They reply they want their sight, so Jesus has compassion on them, touches their eyes, and they can see! What do they do next? Do they go back to begging, and maybe even pretend they can’t see? No. They follow Him. They become a part of the crowd who was trying to silence them and keep them from seeing Jesus.