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March 22 | Mark 14:27-31





Are You Like the Disciples?

by Kim Starr

Jesus and his disciples have just shared the Last Supper, sung a hymn, and have gone to the Mount of Olives. I am sure the disciples were overwhelmed by what transpired at the Passover meal. Jesus washed his disciples’ feet. Jesus said one of them would betray him and Judas learned Jesus knew it was him. Jesus talked about his body being bread and his blood being wine.

Jesus then tells the disciples he will be put to death, but he will rise and meet them in Galilee. How many times has Jesus told his disciples what was going to happen to him? How many times did they not understand what was going to transpire? Even though he sometimes talked to them in parables, he also had been direct with them. They remained confused and didn’t get it.


This made me wonder: how many times has Jesus spoken to me and I didn’t get it? Or how many times has he told me something and I’ve failed to listen? How many times have I repeatedly asked him for something and it isn’t until much later that I realize he answered and I hadn’t paid attention at the time?


There are three significant times in my life where I can remember Jesus speaking directly to me and telling me what to do. The first time, I didn’t listen to him at all and ended up in a very unhealthy situation. The second time, I listened, but didn’t believe in what I was doing. Nevertheless, God made my doing what he told me to do one of the best decisions of my life, and by following his instructions, literally changed lives. The third time, I knew what Jesus wanted me to do. I argued with him and told him I didn’t want to do it. I had already done what he was asking me to do, and I didn’t want to do it again. I reluctantly did it anyway and, a few months later, the reason he told me to do it was crystal clear.


Think back over your life and see if you were ever like the disciples. Do you recall Jesus speaking to you and you failed to understand? Or did you get confused or not listen or act? Paying attention to Jesus is really important. He speaks to us through his Word, prayers, dreams, and others. Take a moment today and ask Jesus what he wants to tell you.


Jesus, open my eyes, ears and heart to what you have to say to me today. Help me listen, understand, and act on what you are telling or teaching me. Help me follow you all of my days. Amen.

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Mar 22

Good afternoon, Kim. Thank you for making us look into those times we were like the disciples. We say to our selves, how could they? Yet, do we? This morning in one of my devotionals I read, "how quickly the surroundings of your life can change from the tranquility and serenity of the Upper Room to the harsh realities of Gethsemane and the cross. The failure that was possible with His first disciples is also possible with me". God is speaking loud and clear to me --"WATCH".

God bless you, Kim.


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