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March 19 | Mark 13:20-26





False Promises

by Mary Kate Hipp

I often read these passages and imagine false messiahs and prophets as actual people. Many have come claiming to be the Messiah, but what I often fall into is the false Messiah or false promises of this world. I have heard the same from many of my peers as well. By this I mean the thought process of "Once I graduate college and start a real job, then life will turn around." "Ok now I have a job, but I'm still not fulfilled, maybe when I get married then my life will be perfect."

Have you ever found yourself deceived by the false promises of the world like this? When you stick to that diet... when you are friends with those people... when you get that job... when you buy that house... then you will be fulfilled. We are always waiting on false promises or messiahs of this world.

My social media only perpetuates this idea: "buy [this product], it changed my life!" "take [this workout class] it'll transform your life." "Do [this thing] and your life will be great!" What a lie this all is!

For a short time, we may experience fulfillment or relief from these false messiahs of the world, but until Christ is our all, we will not be fulfilled. The promises of this world will never hold even a glimmer of the glory and power that Jesus the Messiah does. The beauty of the gospel—that Jesus alone fulfills us. There is nothing we can do to earn our salvation. We simply can never pull ourselves up by the bootstraps and save ourselves. No diet, no certain friend, no job, no degree, no nothing will ever "earn" us salvation. Do not fall for the false messiahs or false promises of this world! Be on guard!


Lord, no power or promise or glory or joy will ever compare to You. We rejoice that you alone are our deliverer, our Messiah, our joy, our freedom. Walk with us today as we guard ourselves from the lies of this world. Amen.

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Mar 20

Oh to be so young with this insight all I can say is PRAISE GOD!!! 🙌


Mar 19

Thank you, Mary Kate. I really never thought about our "false messiah's" such as "that job" or "getting married" as being that which is sand and not the Rock to build our lives on.

A Messiah is someone who saves, right? So, you point out that so often we look to worldly blessings as saving us. They may enhance our condition but they can't save or fully satisfy us. Your commentary is a blessing. Thank you.



What a blessing you have figured this out at such a young age! You are 100% correct: none of the false promises or Messiah's of this world will make any difference. We all need that reminder. Thank you for giving it to us today. I join you in saying, "Just give me Jesus!"


Judy Webb
Judy Webb
Mar 19

I love this and can truly relate. I often fall into the trap of "if only", or "someday when". I have considered them idols once I recognize what they do to my walk with Jesus. False messiahs indeed. Thank you for this. -- Judy

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