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March 11 | John 12:44-50


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When He Speaks

by Jennifer Jerrome

This might seem obvious but believing in Jesus means also believing in God. It’s a package deal. And when you factor in the Holy Spirit, it’s actually a three for one covenant, but today’s passage focuses on the relationship between God and Christ.

When Jesus spoke the words of John 12, he wanted not only his immediate followers, but all Christians throughout time to know that his words, actions, and everything about him, came from God. Seeing and believing in Him meant seeing and believing in God.

Jesus does not function independently from God – He is God. He is the Word made flesh and His word is the last word. God has the final say in all matters.

Now while Jesus and God are one, there is a distinction to be made. God has the ability and right to judge, but that was not Jesus’ role. “For I did not come to judge the world, but to save the world.” (v.47) Jesus is one who saves not one who condemns.

Though by his very nature Jesus is God, Jesus acknowledges God’s sovereign authority and has great reverence for his Father. We are called to recognize the same. When Jesus speaks, he speaks on behalf of the Father. Recognizing all that Christ has spoken as authentic means accepting God’s truths which leads to eternal life.


Thank you, Jesus, for fulfilling God’s promises. For bringing us his Word. We know we can confidently believe what you say because your words are His. May we take this truth and live it out in our lives. Give us the courage to follow your lead and be a light in a dark world. Amen

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