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March 1 | Matthew 4:23-25


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Jesus the Heart Healer

by Mary Kate Hipp

“So they brought to Him all those who were afflicted, those suffering from various diseases and intense pains, the demon-possessed, the epileptics, and the paralytics. And He healed them.”

Matthew puts so simply what is the radical love of Jesus—simply going about His ministry and healing and freeing people from intense pains and various diseases and illnesses. I always found it so cool to read about the wild miracles that Jesus performed and think “wow, that must have been so cool” as if Jesus is not still in the miracle business. I think a vital mistake that so many Christians believe is that Jesus is not capable of still setting us free of what needs healing. What would the church look like today if we still brought Jesus what needs healing?

Maybe you do not have a physical ailment that needs healing, but perhaps your heart is suffering from a deadly disease. In fact, I know it is because not one of us was spared from the curse of the fall. Our hearts are deceitful above all else and so desperately need the healing of Jesus Christ. What in your heart do you need to “bring to Jesus” for Him to heal?

What I find so powerful about this passage is this four-word sentence: “And He healed them.” The people brought the sick to Jesus and He healed them. It was so simple. It is in the quintessential nature of Jesus Christ, our Savior, to heal our hearts should we just believe in the Good News of the Kingdom of God.

So what sickness of your heart are you believing Jesus cannot heal? What intense pain or disease remains in your heart that you have yet to bring to Christ to be entirely healed? Bring your heart to Christ and He will heal. Believe it, because He WILL heal it.

Jesus, O divine healer, we thank You that You are not done healing. Today we surrender our hearts to You, that You might search it and know every sin-covered-disease which remains. Jesus, we believe in Your healing and give our sinful hearts over to You that You might heal them entirely.


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