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Daily Worship


June 9 | Ephesians 5:15-21





Second Chances

by Judy Webb

"Be very careful, then, how you live - not as unwise, but wise...making the most of every opportunity." (v 15-16) When we look back on each day, I wonder how many of us have regrets. How many of us recognize a missed opportunity and begin to berate ourselves? I am certain there are many such moments in each of our days when we could have made a difference in someone’s day simply by our attitude. We may not even realize we missed our chance to share about Jesus. Why? Sometimes I am so caught up in my "stuff" that I forget others have trouble too. Their hearts are breaking, their consciences are troubled, and their lives are in a mess. They need to hear how Jesus calmed your heart and removed the drama.

While we are not to live in the land of "if only," we need to recognize wasted moments which could make a difference to someone, and do better next time. It is no fun looking back and wishing we had used our time wisely. Remember, we cannot redeem lost time and missed opportunities. How do we change our ways and seek out times we can go the extra mile for someone? We could begin by prioritizing our life...our day. Maybe not running so fast to the next event, or project, but take prayerful time to see people as we go through our daily living. "...making the most of every opportunity." If our eyes are open, there are situations all around to help someone, to give a hand of assistance, or an encouraging word. Taking advantage of moments like this can put a smile on a child's face or insert a bit of hope into the heart of a person who feels hopeless.


Dear Jesus, Give me eyes to see people all around me. Place a willingness to lend a hand to someone because it is what you would do, and because it is the right thing. Amen

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