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June 29 | Mark 9:14-24


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Help My Unbelief

by Pastor Jeff Morlock

I can relate to the father in this story. Jesus’ words, which prompted his cry for help were both the reprimand and gracious reminder that he needed... “Everything is possible for one who believes.” I need that reminder, too. As much as I love the Lord, I have too often veered into doubt, usually out of fear, upset, or impatience. But this passage gives me great encouragement and hope."I believe, help my unbelief," the man confesses. Perhaps he realizes that faith in Jesus is not a one-time choice or light bulb that comes on all at once. What if faith is more of a process? What if God does the work of changing our hearts and minds gradually, over time... like peeling back the layers of an onion? I don’t know about you, but for me what often gets in the way of believing and trusting the Lord is my need for control. This is what the father had to recognize and let go. He had to come to the point where he realized his inability to help his son. Only then was he free to confess faith in Jesus' power to do the healing. The result was joyous—his child's health was renewed, and the man's faith increased.

Unbelief is a temptation common to all professing Christians. We see it in Peter, who walked on water only to start sinking when unbelief set in (Matthew 14:28–31). We see unbelief in the Psalms, like Psalm 73, where saints wrestle out loud with their doubts, and fight them vigorously, like the enemies they are.

Faith is the channel through which God’s grace and gifts flow. Unbelief blocks God’s blessings and inhibits that flow, which is why Jesus’ rebuke is mercifully painful. He is the Good Physician who fights unbelief as an oncology doctor fights cancer in a patient. For if left unrecognized and untreated, unbelief will kill. What Jesus is doing here is helping this struggling father see clearly his sin of unbelief, just like he did for Peter and the Psalm writers, and you and me.



Spend some time in prayer, asking the Lord to show you where fear or disappointment have caused you to doubt God’s goodness. Where has your need for control caused you to question

God's sovereignty? Confess your unbelief and receive the Lord’s forgiveness. Pray these words of Jesus as an affirmation and reminder, “Everything is possible for one who believes.” Repeat as needed throughout the day.

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Dottie Haggard
Dottie Haggard
Jun 29, 2022

I really like the statement “Faith is a channel through which flows……”

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