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June 28 | Matthew 21:28-32






Which One?

by Kim Starr

Have you ever been asked to do something, and you said no, but did it anyway? How did you feel? Something inside you made you say no, was it a lack of time, lack of interest, or something else? How did the person asking you feel after you unexpectedly did what they asked? Did that improve your feelings at all?


On the other hand, have you ever been asked to do something, you replied yes, but didn’t do it? How did you feel? Why did you agree to do the act in the first place? Was it an obligation, returning a favor, or something else? How did the person asking you feel after you didn’t follow through and do what you told them you’d do? Did you get “in trouble?” Did you even hear back from the person? Did you spend time wondering who did the job or whether it even got done?


There could be a lot of angst involved in either situation. We all can do a good job beating ourselves up for the choices we make or the things we don’t do. Some of them might easily be forgotten, while others linger in our minds. If you were the person asking and the person didn’t do what they said they would, did you wonder why they let you down or think about what you did that caused them to not follow through?

Jesus doesn’t want us to think about any of these things. Rather, Jesus wants us to be like the person who originally said no, but followed through with what was asked of him. Jesus praises those with repentant hearts and shares that it is those who believe and follow Jesus who will enter the kingdom of heaven. Clearly, actions speak louder than words.


The next time someone asks to do something, focus on what Jesus would want you to do. Answer appropriately and act joyfully. You, along with other believers who act in the way Jesus wants us to, will enter the kingdom of heaven.


Dear Jesus, words matter. Actions matter. Our hearts matter. Help us seek to do your will and follow your ways to your glory all the days of our lives. Amen.

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