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June 27 | Psalm 109:22-31






Oh, the Injustice of it All

by Judy Webb


That’s not fair! How many times as a child, did you proclaim this to your mother or father? Why wasn’t it fair? Because you didn’t get your own way? As a youngster, there were rules and they were in place to keep us safe, to teach us we don’t always get our own way, and to keep us in line.

Our understanding of justice was immature and selfish. It was all about us and getting our own way. Isn’t that still how it seems? Steeped in self-centeredness, many of us learned to believe we deserve to have whatever we want and to have it immediately. We don’t want to work for it, nor are we willing to wait. Justice to humans these days is all about my wants, not my needs.

Justice, mentioned 173 times in the Bible, tells me this is an important part of our Christian Walk. As we mature into adulthood, we sometimes still cry out, “It’s not fair.” When we are overlooked for promotion, we question fairness. When a loved one is unfaithful, or a business partner cheats us out of our livelihood, we shout about the injustice of it all.

“For I am poor and needy, and my heart is wounded within me.” (Psalm 109:22)

Times like this we feel helpless. We want revenge, but revenge isn’t justice. Getting even won't accomplish anything. During these seasons of pain, we need to turn to the only one who truly understands fairness. “Help me, LORD, my God; save me according to your unfailing love.” (Psalm 102:26)

When we turn over negative feelings after being unfairly treated, and seek the justice God can give, we win. His justice is right and true and effective.


Dear Jesus,

Help us get over our need to have everything we want. Reveal to us the true meaning of justice and instill a desire to turn to you only to accomplish this justice. Amen.

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