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June 2 | Luke 14:15-24





A Party Like No Other

by Elaine Pierce

I planned what I thought would be a small gathering at our lake cottage to celebrate my husband's birthday. Imagine my surprise - and delight - when everyone I invited said they would love to come! Our small cottage was overflowing with well-wishers, and we had a great time, even though we were a little crowded.

What would it feel like to send out party invitations and get responses like the ones in today's passage?

  • I've just bought a field - sorry, I can't make it.

  • I just bought five new oxen, and I've got to try them out - sorry.

  • I just got married - no can do.

They seem like pretty lame excuses, don't they? And they were turning down an invitation to a great banquet! When the host's servants returned and relayed these sorry excuses to their boss, he was understandably furious. So what did he do? Did he give up and cancel the party? He did not. He invited 'the poor, the crippled, the blind and the lame (v. 21). And when there was still room at the banquet table, he ordered his servants to 'go out to the roads and country lanes and make them come in so that my house will be full (v 23).'

Jesus wants all who call on his name to experience the banquet feast of forgiveness, grace, and eternal life. Faith isn't reserved for a chosen few. Oh, no - all who call on his name will be saved. Rejoice that his banquet table is open to all who believe and that includes you and me. Thanks be to God!


Lord, I accept your invitation to the banquet feast! Heaven will certainly be a party like no other, and I look forward to the joy of entering into your presence. Help me today and every day to accept your grace and forgiveness, and to invite others to join me in singing your praises. Amen.

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Jun 02

Good morning, Elaine.

What I like most about your commentary today is its brevity and being on point. Your example of acceptance by your invited guests in contrast to the story in Scripture makes it so easy to see what those invitees are missing. In your case, they would have missed a great time at your lake house with all the associated laughter, food and fellowship. In the Scripture analysis of yours they miss out on the real "food from the banquet" the forgiveness, grace and eternal life. As for me, I can't wait to sit at the heavenly table to feast with you (even Gene) lol. We are all blessed by those who take the time to write thes…

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