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June 15 | Luke 15:8-10






Losing Something Valuable

by Mary Alice McGinnis

Have you ever lost something valuable? Maybe a credit card, or a purse. Maybe a ring, or something special someone gave you. Maybe something even bigger like a car or a house.

Or even a relationship or loved one.


When I was in college living in a dormitory, like most college students, money was tight. I took odd jobs to help pay for my books and living expenses. One day as I was getting ready for class, I was putting in my contact lenses, and “blip” my left contact fell onto the floor in my dorm room. I did not own a spare set of contacts nor a pair of glasses. Being nearsighted since I was a child, seeing clearly in the classroom was going to be a serious problem. Plus, it would be a huge expense to replace it. I panicked!

I got down on my hands and knees, frantically searching, running my hands across my tile floor desperately looking for my lost contact. After ten minutes of having no luck, I tried a different approach. First, I carefully scoured the area rug, shook it out and then carefully rolled it up.

Next, I took my broom, and starting from the farthest corner of the room, I swept towards the middle of the room, making a dust pile in the middle of the floor. I repeated this process from each of the other three corners of the room. As I started to sweep the final dust pile into the dustpan, BEHOLD there was my contact lens!! I was elated!!

I searched for this contact lens diligently and did not give up because it was valuable to me. I was going to find it, no matter what it took.

The coin in today’s parable was valuable to this woman too. Doesn’t it show us how valuable we are God? We are His! We belong to Him. He loves us! But not in a way that He simply tolerates us.

God TREASURES us. He comes looking for us and does not give up.


As you ponder on that today, take the words of this song, and put your name in these blanks. Pray it as though God were speaking theses words to you right now.

God is saying to you:


___________, you are more precious than silver.

___________, you are more costly than gold.

___________, you are more beautiful than diamonds.

And nothing I desire compares with you.

Now close your prayer time, listening to this the song a second time, giving your praise back to the Lord who considers you precious, valuable, beautiful, and desirable enough to spend His life blood to come find you!


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Jun 15

Good morning, Mary Alice. Yes, I have lost items of value like almost all of us. Once, I lost my wallet and it had a lot of cash in it at the time. I was in panic mode! A day later i received a call that someone found it and i could pick it up. Relief and a sense of gratitude filled my mind and heart. Guess what? The money was gone!! However, my driver's license, credit cards, insurance cards, social security info and other items were still in my wallet apparently untouched. My relief was stiil in place as well as my gratitude. The loss of the money was incidental to knowing my identity was not compromised (as i…

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