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JULY 4 HEBREWS 10:32-37






Daily Dose of Perseverance

by Judy Webb

Endurance and perseverance are traits we need to develop as we continue our journey to Jesus’ side. Some days this trip is exhausting with all the roadblocks along the way. Let us not get sidetracked, but let us continue steadfast. Our allegiance to Christ uppermost in our hearts.

Pray for endurance for that is what we need during those seasons when it seems to take all we have just to make it to tomorrow. Perseverance is a word we also cling to. We do all we can just to make it through the day or the night. Our faith drives us into our future. Faith is the tool we call upon during trouble. And not a little surprising is the fact that trouble grows our faith.

We learn to stand firm, to plant our feet and resist Satan as he attacks. And he does attack—often trying to push us over, knock us down and destroy our strength. This is when we need to look to our Savior, not a time to turn back, but to move forward, recognizing how far we’ve come.

“You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what He has promised.” (Hebrews 10:36)

Remember the days just after you became Christian, or as Scripture puts it, “after you have received the light.” How was it—how were you received by those who knew you before? Were there snide comments, side glances and maybe some snickering? Did you realize a contest was in the making? A contest between what was comfortable and familiar vs the new you. The reborn and renewed person you were becoming vs Satan’s plan for you. These two facts were meeting nose to nose.

The challenge is real. The battle is on. Satan will not give up without a fight and he fights dirty. Remember, there will only be one winner, and it isn’t Satan. Keep reading the Book, you will love the ending.


Dear Jesus,

Thank you for giving us your Word and for speaking to our hearts through it. The guidance and direction we receive when we study Bibles and take in all you have for us in those words, fills me with joy and amazement.

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Judy, thank you for these powerful words today. Thank you for reminding us to be steadfast and persevere. You are so right that we will love the ending!

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