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July 26 | Psalm 118:5-14





A Cliff Hanger

by Judy Webb

I love to read books of every kind, fiction, memoir, historical fiction, murder mysteries, etc. But lately I find myself frustrated with the story lines. Many of the characters find themselves in real jams. And often it is because they were less than truthful in their dealings with their counterparts in the stories. Truth is presented as an option but lies are an effortless escape from a sticky situation. The lies pile on and before long there is no way out.

This disheartens me and I want to take the pen out of the author’s hand and change everything; starting with the first lie told. I would find pleasure out of righting that wrong and weaving the story along a new path. Just like our lives which change for the better once we seek out a relationship with Jesus. Before our new life in Christ, truthful living was far-fetched. Untruths were easier to spout than facing up to real life. Living lies bring us to the edge of a dangerous cliff.

“I was pushed back and about to fall but the LORD helped me. (Psalm 118:13)

Jesus is truth and His truth, which never changes, changes everything. Verse 8 solidifies this thought. “It is better to take refuge in the LORD than to trust in humans.” The word "fall" in the text above is defined as pushed violently. Victory came through divine intervention, the adversity was so strong, and the psalmist felt himself pushed.

We, the Lord’s people, must learn to trust Him in every crisis of life. Isaiah 12:2 – "I will trust and not be afraid." Life can be a real cliff hanger where we find ourselves dangerously dangling between truth and falsehood. This danger is real. Grab a hold of the lifeline of honesty and integrity and see if God won’t pull you out of danger and deliver you from the lion’s mouth.


Dear Jesus,

How comforting to know that you are Truth and that we can trust all the truth in the Bible. Tomorrow, as well as today, Truth (You) makes our world worth living in. Come Holy Spirit, as we each deal with our own failings and always turn to You. Amen.

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