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July 20 | 1 Samuel 17:32-47





Our Eyes Are On You

by Judy Webb

How do you handle tricky situations? How do you process all the bad things that happen to good people? Are there times when a news story brings you to tears and you wonder, will it ever stop? Do you ask, "how can I make a difference and bring more light and laughter into everyone’s life?" We might think the laughter has died, but it is then when we need to take a deeper look, a more intense stare at the world we now inhabit. We can easily point out all the bad which exits. But thankfully there is more good around us than we know...we must look for it, and we must expect to find it.

The story of David and Goliath is timeless. When I open this text, I am propelled to a new place spiritually and even emotionally. This timeless tale pushes all the buttons for this writer. I love a story with a happy ending and this text fills that need. The underdog establishes victory, and he acknowledges that without God this victory would never happen. The words from 1 Samuel 17:47b tells us why...”for the battle is the Lord’s.” David knows his need for God and places his life on the line for that belief. His faith was evident, and his conquest of Goliath was by the hand of God because David submitted himself to the Lord.

The phrase, ...” for the battle is the Lord’s” can be found in other places in scripture, helping me to understand the importance of listening to the words of Scripture and heed the directions. For example, 2 Chronicles 20:15b, “The battle is not yours, but God’s.” This text was revealed to me as I wondered how I would get beyond an impossible situation. I struggled with how I could move forward. I am sure you have been in similar situations where it all seemed hopeless. What did you do?

God reminds us to give our troubles and trials over to Him. He is the only one to handle these situations. Only He can keep us safe and secure in His care. All we need to do is let Him do it. Then sit back and watch the Master work for your good.

2 Chronicles 20:12 wraps this up nicely. “We do not know what to do, but our eyes are upon you.”


Lord, remind us daily that it is only through your strength and your unconditional love that we are saved. It is by you, Lord, we can be victorious. Amen.

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