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July 11 | Leviticus 25:1-7






Take a Breath!

by Judy Webb


The word Sabbatical is derived from sabbath, and it means, a break from a normal routine. And isn’t that just what we are instructed to do on the Sabbath? Aren’t we called to change our pace, our daily habits and break out of the habitual business of life and just be. Be present, be available, be at rest, be in God’s Presence—and not necessarily in that order.

“But in the seventh year, the land is to have a sabbath rest, a sabbath to the LORD. Do not sow your fields nor prune your vineyards.”  (Leviticus 25:4)

If you are anywhere near my age, you must remember how different Sundays were back 50 and 60 years ago. Even if your family did not attend church, things were quiet, restful and often family and friends oriented. Neighbors visited, families sat down to dinner together and talked and laughed. There was very little shopping available on Sundays, and it was unheard of for schools to schedule children’s sporting events. Oh, how the times have changed, and not so much for the better.

Learning about the true meaning of Sabbath and how observing a day of rest will change our lives, our hearts and our relationship with God and each other is convicting. Just think about it for a minute. Sabbath doesn’t have to be practiced on Sunday, we simply need a time to pull back, to pull away from the frenetic way of the world and take a breath. We weren’t created to move nonstop.

Quiet time can be creative time, it can be a time to think and plan and pray. It can be a time to build relationships, construct sandcastles, and dream fabulous dreams. Life is empty without them. By observing a day of sabbath we are putting our trust in God and looking forward to what He has planned for this down-time. We will face the new week refreshed and ready to go.


Dear Heavenly Father,

We need to practice a time of weekly sabbath. It isn't healthy for our bodies or our spirits to keep a pace that doesn't allow for breathing. The simple act of taking a deep cleansing breath can give us a new outlook for the moment. Lord, free us up to do just that as we look to you for peace and comfort. Amen.

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