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January 5 | 2 Thessalonians 2:13-17


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Stand Firm

by Kim Starr

The Thessalonians are very confused. Someone has convinced them that Jesus has already returned and gathered his people to himself... and they missed it. Paul is writing to share that Jesus has not yet returned and they have not missed anything. He admonishes them to not let anyone deceive them and, instead, to stand firm in what they have been taught in their faith, whether they have been taught in person or through letters.

Paul then gives the Thessalonians a pep talk and tells them:


· God loves you; he chose you; he called you; he sent his Spirit to indwell in you.

· You believed the truth, and have are saved.

· God set his grace and mercy on you.

· You have been sanctified and the Holy Spirit is working in your lives.

· You obtained the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ.

· We thank God for you.


Paul encourages the Thessalonians to preach the Word, stand fast, and hold on. They need to remember they are God’s children. This is something they should hang onto and rest their souls on. Paul asks Jesus to encourage their hearts and strengthen them. Finally, Paul reminds them they can still look forward to Jesus’ return and that, if they stand firm in their faith, they will share in Jesus’ glory when the time comes.


As Christians, we need to take what Paul said to the Thessalonians to heart. We need to listen to, and be reminded of, Paul’s pep talk. We need to stand on the truth of God’s Word, hold fast to what we believe, and build our lives upon it. Even though the world around us is getting darker and more deceptive because Satan is at work, we are to stand firm in our belief in God. We are to stand on the truth, not be shaken, troubled, or moved, and we need to pray that God will comfort us and strengthen us in everything we say and do. And, like the Thessalonians, we can look forward to Jesus' return when we will share in his glory.


God, thank you for these encouraging words today. Being a Christian isn’t always easy; yet, we know you are there beside us every moment of every day. Help us to stand firm on your truth. Help us spread that truth so others may know you. Let us live to reflect your glory. Amen.


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