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Daily Worship


January 3 | Acts 9:19-31





Singing Hearts

by Mary Kate Hipp

The ninth chapter of Acts begins with the miraculous story of Saul's conversion. In today's passage, we find Paul, the new believer of Christ, evangelizing no matter the cost. What faith this new disciple has! To share the Gospel with any and everyone, despite their desire to have him killed or their doubts of his sincerity.

What if Christ was the song of our hearts this new year? May our hearts cling to Christ in this new year and let our tongues proclaim His glory until He comes again. May we not be timid in our proclamation, may we be like Paul and live in the fear of the Lord.

Perhaps this boils over into our workplace conversations, maybe we ask waiters/waitresses if we can pray for them as we bless our food at restaurants, this could look like singing at the top of our lungs and raising our hands in reverence during worship, maybe this looks like striking up a conversation with the mailman or delivery workers. Let our hearts sing of the Lord and His faithfulness!


Spend time journaling, declaring the glory of the Lord! Then, brainstorm what this overflow of Christ may look like in your 2023!

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