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January 2 | John 1:35-51


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Come and See!

by Elaine Pierce

Who do you share good news with? Are you excited to tell good news to your family first?

When Andrew heard the good news about Jesus from John the Baptist, the first person he told was his brother, Simon Peter. Both Andrew and Peter quickly became followers of Jesus, and they were joined shortly after by Phillip. These men enthusiastically embraced Jesus, who John described as the Son of God, a man who will surpass me (see verses 29-32 just before today's reading).

Nathanael, however, was not so quick to follow this Rabbi. In fact, when he heard that he was from Nazareth, his reaction was skeptical: "Nazareth! Can anything good come from there?"

His friend Phillip challenges him to "Come and see." Nathanael meets Jesus, and his doubt vanishes.

Are you more like Andrew - quick to trust and believe God's word - or are you skeptical like Nathanael? Do you need more proof like Thomas did? (see John 20:24-29). In the end, Jesus says to all of us, Come and see. He welcomes the skeptics and believers alike. He has room for all of us. Many of us came to Christ as children, and we have never wavered in our faith. Others wandered far away, but our Father was waiting on the porch, scanning the horizon, running out to meet us and welcome us home.

There is no formula for how to meet Jesus. But what better place to start than to Come and see. Come with an open heart. Come with a spirit of hope and faith. Come with eyes wide open to receive his blessings. Come and see - you will be blessed beyond measure.


Dear Lord, you told Nathanael to Come and See, and you offer that same invitation to me. I pray that I would open my eyes to your presence and that I would share the good news of your saving grace with others. Amen.

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