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January 17 | Mark 3:7-12





Getting Away

by David Thompson

Have you ever been in a crowd? Perhaps at a parade or concert with festival seating. The people just bump and push to get a better view. Sometimes the pushing and bumping are not physical, but emotional. I remember serving three superintendents of schools during my tenure as assistant superintendent. The first two were pure educators and pushed me to be the best I could be, as I led the district's efforts at instructional excellence by writing and revising the academic curriculum. This included all the district's efforts to carry out testing and the smooth integration of instructional technology.

The third was not an academic at all and was more inclined to work around me with sports' coaches to plan how they might add new bleachers, improve practice fields and add additional assistant coaches. This superintendent wanted me to continue to get academic results without his support or the finances that were required to move the needle to excellence. Now I didn't climb into a boat and pass to the other side, but I did quit working through my lunch hours, quit coming in early and stopped working late. I escaped to get mental rest to be able to perform better in the future.

Jesus likewise needed to get away from all the good He was doing. He needed to rest and recuperate as we all do. He also knew that the listeners in the crowd needed rest and often food as they met with Christ in remote areas. For Jesus, He got a good sleep and ate some food and again was ready to do His best for others.

The second part of this passage talks about Jesus stating that when the "impure spirits" (demons) saw Him they would yell out and reveal His true identity. It was not time yet that this should be revealed. He shushed the demons and "gave them strict orders not to tell others about Him." Christ knew that the popular misconception, that He was going to be some political leader and overtake the Romans, was just not what He wanted spread around. He came to save people from sin and not to rid the people of all of their misconceptions. Christ's kingdom was to be spiritual and not political.


Jesus, thank you for your example of being 100% man and being 100% God. You, like me and all of us, came to a point of needing rest, or health could suffer. I am always amazed when I see your actions are part of God's plan. I know that the things in each of our lives are there for a purpose and you can work them all together for good. Amen!

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Jan 17

Good morning, David. When reading this passage I am reminded of the "Paparazzi" chasing celebrities for a quick comment or photo. Being a person of fame, like Jesus was becoming, will automatically draw public attention, however, such attentiveness is annoying to the point of wanting to duck the crowd. How smart Jesus is to ask for a boat to convey his message. He knew they were coming and was prepared to deal with it. The lesson for me is love those who want to press in for help while at the same time keeping our distance so we are not attached in a harmful way i.e. the book "When helping hurts".

Thank you for your commentary and willingness to provide…

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