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United in Prayer and United in Life

by Judy Webb

This is a word about worship, but also about prayer within the worship setting. It is about worshiping together, praying together, for all people. The words in this text explicitly tell us to lift up prayer for our leaders and all in power - if we like them or not.

As a unified body of Believers, we are to pray in unity for unity. This requires prayers for all, including public officials. Praying that God is part of their life, and their decision-making process is healthy and can make a huge difference.

These petitions include an appeal to heaven, communication with the Father, intervention in their lives, and thanksgiving for all the Father will do as a result of unified prayer. Let’s pray that we will lead quiet and peaceable lives, godly and reverent existences. The premise of these prayers is so they would be saved. Even knowing not all will be. We pray, witness with our story, and show kindness...the rest is up to the Holy Spirit.

But just imagine if our leaders (local and national) embraced the Gospel - what a changed world we would see. Now, isn't that worth praying about and for? This reflection is for me, as much as for you. I am trying to discern how my prayers should change, how I can 'pray for my enemies', and make a kingdom difference. Won't you join me in uniting our prayers, in praying for all who are in leadership and for those who support them? Let's be part of the change we want to see in our world.



Dear Jesus, change my heart, mature my prayer life to match your will for myself and others. Instill pure motives and positive words as I seek to pray for unity and safety and salvation for all. Amen

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