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Daily Worship


February 8 | Matthew 6:25-34






by Kim Starr

Anxiety happens when we allow uncertainty or fear to grip us, consume our hearts and minds, and render us restless and unsettled. When we have anxiety, our minds race and whirl and focus on the “what ifs” of the future. How do we eliminate anxiety? The best way is to focus on, and communicate with, God.

Our security rests in God alone, and God is trustworthy. We can relax and trust in God’s control of our life. He has each of our lives planned down to the very last detail. Even when we doubt His path, or we become distracted, we can trust that His wisdom and guidance will lead us to a life of purpose. God can use everything we go through to transform us into the best we can be.

We will never be in control of our life circumstances, but we can relax and trust in God’s control. We also need to realize we will face nothing alone. God has promised us His continual presence, and we will gain confidence knowing that God is with us. We need to acknowledge that God wants to make our life a glorious adventure. We need to be on the lookout for all that God has prepared for us.

In the lesson today, Jesus teaches us that anxiety is unproductive and keeps us from fulfilling the purposes to which God has called us. God wants us to trust Him. We also need to have confidence that God, as the creator of the universe, will provide for our needs. Jesus’ clear teaching reminds us we are not to fear the future and we are to put our trust in God above all. We do this by focusing on God and making Him the priority in our lives.

We can break free from the bondage of the anxiety in our minds by affirming our trust in God. He has promised us His continual presence, now and forever, and His presence and plans will outshine any “what if” we can ever imagine.


Oh, God! How we long to fully trust in you and keep our minds from spinning! Please take away our anxiety. Help us remember how you are in control, you are with us, and you will provide for us. When we wander into the land of “what ifs,” please help us remember to focus on you and you alone. Amen.

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Feb 08, 2023

Thank you for this devotional. I am facing a lot of uncertainty in my life right now and it is keeping me awake at night. I surrender daily but seem to take it all back on my shoulders. I need a constant reminder that God is really the one in control and he does have a plan for me and your devotional came at just the right time. Thank you and Praise God!

Replying to

I thank God that my devotional was helpful to you. I pray that you will communicate with God each time you start to take your uncertainty back on your shoulders. God is there for you and God hears you. He is right there with you and He has all of the things you are uncertain about under control. Trust in Him. He promises to see you through. God bless you!

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