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Daily Worship


February 7 |Mark 7:17-23






by Katie Borden

Have you ever lied to yourself about… yourself?

I’m in a season of life where I’m more intentionally holding up the mirror to my heart and reflecting on what’s really there. (...Well, actually God in his kindness has so gently held up that mirror…) 

I’ve wanted to think of myself as a kind, joyful person–and when I look into the mirror I notice that I’m secretly harboring anger.

I’ve wanted to think of myself as a person with humility–and when I look into that mirror I am confronted with an insidious pride that has been lurking undetected in my inner being. The irony of all of this is that my lack of awareness of (or lack of admittance to) these sinful patterns has actually given them more power in my life.

We’ve heard Jesus say that what goes into a person doesn't defile them. We may be tempted to think, Cool. That should make avoiding defilement easier. But in the words of coach Lee Corso, "Not so fast, my friend!"

The kicker is what he says next in v. 20-23. What comes from within us, what comes from in our hearts is the stuff that cuts us off from true life with God. This pretty comprehensive list that Jesus rattles off is full of things that steal, kill, and destroy our lives, and if we’re truly honest, when we read that list, we all recognize something that’s defiling us. There is no way to "try harder" to avoid it; we're all captive by the sin in our hearts.

This passage can act like that mirror on our hearts, reflecting uncomfortable truths about ourselves. How kind it is that God would open our eyes to our own sin! When I see what’s really there, I am confronted with my absolute need for the Spirit’s regenerating work in my life. And thank God for the Spirit’s regenerating work in my life to do what I cannot–to cleanse, regenerate, and transform my heart.


Consider spending some extended time “looking into the mirror” with God today. Offer those uncomfortable things to God in honesty, and ask for his Spirit to bring his life into these places. Then thank him for his good news that he meets us and transforms us in even these places, because he loves us so dearly.

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