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February 20 | Mark 9:9-13





What Are You Looking For?

by Mary Kate Hipp

For years, I did not understand the transfiguration. Perhaps it was that big fancy word--"transfiguration." Whenever I heard people talk about this passage, I always thought they overcomplicated it. So what's going on here?

Jesus has ascended a mountain with his three closest followers. Atop the mountain, He reveals that He is Christ, Son of God. As God's beloved Son, Jesus functions as and is highlighted in Mark as the one who has been sent by God, acts for God, speaks on behalf of God, and is vindicated by God. As often commanded throughout Mark, Jesus commands them to tell no one of what they had seen or heard.

Why did Elijah and Moses appear before them on the mountain though? How did this prove that Jesus is the Son of God?

The Jewish people were expecting the second coming of Elijah. They thought John the Baptist was Elijah and now they think Christ is Elijah. Jesus is again affirming that Elijah has already come, Elijah is not the one who can accomplish what Christ has been sent to do, Jesus is the Son of Man who has come to save everyone from their unrighteousness, not a second Moses, not a second Elijah. The Jewish people were anticipating the coming of their savior, yet when He appeared right in front of them, when He did life with them, they missed Him entirely (John 1:10-12).

Are we like the Jewish people? Yes, we know Jesus. We read a lot about Him, we spend time with Him on Sundays, we say blessings over our food. Are you looking for someone or something else? What are you looking for? Who or what are you expecting? Are you looking for a God that sides with you politically? Are you looking for a God that calls you to an easy life? Are you looking for a God that gives you a perfect life on a platter? Have you missed Jesus Christ and instead created some "feel good" God in your mind?


Lord, who or what are we seeking? Reveal to us now what it is we are looking for in place of you. Have we missed you entirely? Have we put you in a box? Lord may we never forget nor neglect the salvation only you bring. Amen.

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Feb 20

Good morning, Mary Kate.

We live in Upper Arlington among many comfortable people like ourselves. We don't wake up to sirens, or bombings with a devastating impact on the neighborhood, or violence in our streets. We can use some of our resources to help the less fortunate, but suffering like them is foreign to many of us. Jesus lead a difficult life with no place to lay His head. It is so easy for most of us to wonder why God would allow such pain that we witness every night on TV. Lord, remind me to keep my eyes on the cross to see just how much He suffered for us. HIs life was as a "suffering servant" set fo…

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